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Only 5or 6 inches of my foundation is visible. There is soil with foundation plantings on around the house. Should I be concerned about the foundation deteriorating, since I don’t have rain gutters?

Written by: Rain Gutter Cleaners

7 Responses to “Do I need rain gutters if my house is on a slab?”

  1. Coaco98 says:

    I would say that if the rooftop is covering thoseparts of the foundation will be fine. If not, get gutters

  2. Johnny W says:

    yes you sure do. why wouldnt you . your house could flood and water could come inside.

  3. pisa says:

    think water control…do you need to tap into a recylcling rainwater idea, do you have beds that do not need the direst hit of the rain “trench” or would you like to direct the water//have control over where it is going? Would rain gutters improve the look of your house, be a good investment?

  4. Andy says:

    Gutters are a good investment no matter what type of foundation you have. Especially if the land immediately around your home doesn’t have a positive grade ( slopes away from your house) if any water is able to sit against the foundation, the concrete can become saturated and weakened. I would say play it safe and install gutters.

  5. Bob says:

    Read my lips – WATER IS YOUR ENEMY, control it.

  6. Pete J says:

    Of course you do!!

    Just because your house sits on a slab of concrete, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have guttering around your house!

    You have to control water movement off the concrete slab on the lower side to a point where it isn’t going to undermine the slab &tilt your house on an angle!!

    Not only that, if water can flow from any point around your house then the chances of controlling the water from any direction that could undermine the concrete slab, not to mention nature where water runs across the ground surface & around & under your concrete slab.
    Now if you can help control the water off your roof & direct it away from the concrete slab, there is less chances of you phoning 991 for assistance when your house starts to topple over after water has undermined the very foundations that your house sits on!
    I personally think that if anyone decides not to erect gutters on their house is foolish, besides having gutters it does a few things.
    It stops the wind driving rain up under the eaves of the roofing on the prevailing wind side. I adds appearance to your home, It controls water flow, it makes it safe for your wife & children to walk out of the house without getting a load of rain down the back of their necks during a shower or torrential down pour And similar when trying to enter the house on a rainy day… you end up with a face full of water before you even set foot in the door!

    If your trying to scrimp on essential items around your home during construction, then I don’t follow your justification of being tight fist ed on this essential item!

    In answer to your question! YES you should be concerned!!

  7. MasterShield says:

    It’s all about water management. It starts with your roof so that water doesn’t get into your home, but you’ve got to keep the water moving swiftly away from your home once it gets to the roof’s edge.

    If you live in a frost zone, you can wind up with cracks in your slab from excess water pooling around your foundation. Without gutters, you’ll erode your landscaping, promote a slippery walkway, possibly cause heaving in your driveway and much more.

    It’s a relatively low cost item that can save you thousands of dollars in expensive damage.

    We’ve created a free list of 16 common problems that result from clogged gutters, but the same issues can affect your house if you have no gutters. Feel free to download it from the source below.