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My eavestrough for the house is painted a certain color but recently i used a latter to get on the roof of my house and ended up scratching the eavestrough exposing its metal…can someone tell me, will this area of this rain gutter turn to the brownish-red rust color over time or is it made of a material that doesnt rust?

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2 Responses to “Do Rain Gutters (Eavestroughs) rust over time or are they made of a material taht doesnt rust?”

  1. Melius says:

    It’s impossible to tell you without seeing the metal itself. If you’re worried about it get out your paint brush and a can of paint and paint over the scratches.

    New gutters are either made of aluminum or plastics. If the gutters are very old they might be made of something else.

  2. stevetower says:

    In addition to aluminum, some modern gutters are made of factory finished galvanized steel. These are more prone to corrosion than aluminum but because they are galvanized, they are somewhat self healing when scratched. If a big scratch has removed the galvanizing, then you need to touch up with a corrosion resistant primer, Sears has a good one.