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i am trying to buy a light bar that mounts on the roof of the cab. Now the issue is that i do not know if my car has a rain gutter system. Because either way its a different type of bar.

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5 Responses to “does my 2000 ford ranger xlt off road have a rain gutter system?”

  1. Cathy says:

    i would think not has rain to channels .on underside i let rain water drain off .

  2. redd headd says:

    Go look If you have a little metal tray like thing above the window you have one If you just have a small gap between the roof and top of the door you don’t .they quit using them but I don’t know what year it was.

  3. Jay L says:

    go outside and look at the cab of the truck


  4. Dan H says:

    Go out and look.

    If it has one, there will be a metal lip just under the curve of the roof that the light bar clamps too. If there is nothing there that you can clamp something to, there is no rain gutter.

  5. Michael S says:

    It’s your truck, try looking at it.