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My car’s about 13 years old and parked outside, with a cover on it when it’s not raining. Some tree droppings have made their way through the vent holes into that “rain gutter”. I’ve periodically looked down into the gutter to see just how much has accumulated down there. It hasn’t seemed to be a lot but it appears that it has finally clogged the drain where the rain water leaves the gutter, because I found the passenger side floor drenched (I’m confident it’s not a heater core leak as it’s plain water, not coolant). How have you guys cleaned the gutter in your car? I’m looking and maybe sticking a wire coat hanger down through the holes to loosen up the caked debris and then try to blow it out with canned compressed air (like that used to clean computers) by sticking the can’s nozzle through the holes. I might also try an air compressor, but the nozzle won’t make it through the hole, so I won’t be able to get really close. I’m a little scared to remove the trim that’s covering the gutter because I may not get it to seal against the windshield right when I put it back on, or maybe I’ll break whatever tabs hold it in place (I can’t really see any screws). Maybe I should just go to an auto glass shop to have the trim removed and maybe also have them do the cleaning? Or should I take it to a body shop instead? Regular mechanic?

It’s a 2000 Toyota Echo. I tried to find a download for the service manual, but the one I found no longer contains the file. To my knowledge there aren’t any after market manual and I don’t have the money for the factory manual. Know where I can download it for free?

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  1. Bandit-05 says:

    That part you’re referring to is called a ‘cowl panel’. As for how to remove it, it would help if you mention the year, make, and model of your vehicle.