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I have rain gutters going all the way around a one story typical square brick house. Ive heard that you dont really even need them and its better for the foundation to allow the water to naturally fall off the house instead of channeling it to one location on each side. So I was only going to leave the gutters up over the garage and front door. What do you think?
I dont have a crawlspace or basement.

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10 Responses to “Should I remove my rain gutters?”

  1. Jane says:

    now that i think about it, it would make sense to take them off.

  2. William says:

    I couldn’t disagree more. The object of rain gutters is to get the water away from the house, not concentrate it in an area or two. You may need to add extensions to your downspouts ( remember, they only work if they are flowing downhill) but removal of gutters and downspouts will make the entirety of your foundation wetter than it needs to be. You, unless your whole house is surrounded by concrete, will have a house full of the mud splatter from all that dripping as well. Please don’t remove your gutters!

  3. Dan B says:

    The best thing you can do for your foundation is to get the water away from it. Wet foundations encourage termites. Termites will make trails even in a concrete, brick or stone foundation to get to the wood. We had termites build trails inside our block wall shop building. We had absolutely no wood in the building (it was 100% concrete block and steel), but they were looking for wood.

    Run an extension from the downspout to a point further away from the foundation. You might want to capture the water in an underground cistern and use it in the garden during dry times.

  4. ludude_29 says:

    Whoever told you this does not know what there talking about.

    If you remove them you can expect to see plenty of extra water in your crawlspace or basement.

  5. Fraz says:

    Along with the 3 other answers that are right the water around your foundations without gutters will soak under the foundation footers and cause damage there as well as cause the home/building to settle much more over time too. The main purpose of gutters is to get water away from the foundations & footers to prevent water damage, settling, cracks, & separations in the masonry foundation. I’ve seen brick in old building foundations completely fallen out from the foundation (under the ground) from gutter downspout water alone that was not diverted away any at all. As the old saying goes…a home without a foundation will not stand.

  6. David B says:

    We don’t have gutters and we’re fine. 20 year old house.
    But factors that may help are:
    Our house is on pilings. Roof overhangs the walls 3 feet. We have sand soil that drains quickly and very few frosts.

  7. Karen L says:

    You’re better off with the gutters. If you don’t have them, all the rain falls right beside the foundation and splashes up onto the side of the house as well as seeping in right where you don’t want it. Best scenario is to have gutters with downspouts that direct the water away from the foundation.

  8. split dog says:

    Depends on location & soil conditions.
    I’m in N East US & it is not too uncommon to leave gutters off if there is good drainage.
    French drains are sometimes used below the eaves to direct water away from the foundation.
    Gutters trap snow & ice which basically makes them useless anyhow when frozen solid.
    Going “bare” lessens the chances of ice damming which causes roof sheathing , wood fascia boards & soffits to rot.
    As an example:
    Sided & re-roofed and left gutters off upper roof & most of lower roof which works fine on the house which is slab on grade
    The only place I have gutters are over entry doors that do not have a protective overhang.
    The garage is detached & built into a bank.
    Without gutters & the french drain across the back it will flood in heavy rain.
    See what a roofer thinks.
    If Ice & snow are not an issue could leave them off & see what happens.
    Can always be added.
    Best regards.

  9. mike p says:

    Without the rain gutters you may get too much water around foundation. This will cause the dirt to wash away under it. Once the dirt washes away you loose support for foundation which will cause it to crack.

  10. Noman says:

    Rain gutters are essential part of any building, you should have properly installed them, nerver late though you may ask for a service provider like to install them for you, i hope that would help