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I installed spliced rain gutters.

Written by: Rain Gutter Cleaners

3 Responses to “What are the advantages of having one piece rain gutters as opposed to spliced sections?”

  1. KJ says:

    Spliced sections are always a higher risk for leaking below the splice. If you ever look at old gutters and see mold or other signs of where water has seeped through the splice you’ll understand. One piece should never have a leak.

  2. sensible_man says:

    Preventing leaks. The materials used to make gutters will expand and contract with weather conditions. This can/will cause the joints to separate and cause leaks eventually.

  3. trapper1_CA T says:

    suggest that the one piece more so prevents possible leaks and also should prevent premature rusting (metal gutters) due to moister entrapment at the seams.additionally a one piece gutter should help eliminate flow restriction which can be caused by the seam.