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We know rain gutters can clog, leak, fill up and then actually hold water against the fascia boards. When we use aluminum fascia board covers the chance of water reaching the fascia wood is greatly reduced, to the point where I believe rain gutters are likely to do more damage than good. Rain gutters hold water near the roof line, where high winds can blow the water up under the shingles, etc.
I may be missing something, and so I ask this most important question.

Written by: Rain Gutter Cleaners

4 Responses to “When using aluminum fascia covers, are rain gutters still necessary?”

  1. willie mammoth says:

    if you dont have gutters then the rainwater just rolls off over the entire roof and onto the ground instead of just in the areas where there would be downspouts

  2. John D says:

    If you don’t use rain gutters, you will likely develop unsightly streaking and staining on the side of your house. You will also see soil erosion at the base of the house and possible water damage to the foundation and basement if the water isn’t channeled away from the house

  3. steve c says:

    as the person above states, if you dont have gutters, the rain will fall straight on the floor next to the wall. This will be all the rain from the roof so a lot more than normal rain.

    If you dont have gutters, this will mean the ground next to the house will get waterlogged, paving will become unstable and the wall itself may become damp and discloured due to splashing.

    Gutters are a good idea.

  4. Rondi says:

    I love gutters. I fix rotted fascia, soffit, roof sheathing, drip edge. I love gutters. I also love termites.

    Nobody keeps their gutters clean like they plan. Gutter guards just don’t work. Gutters require regular maintenance.